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As you consider applying to join the New Mexico State Police, you’ll have a lot of variables to consider. What does it mean to be an officer with the most elite law enforcement agency in New Mexico? Do I  have what it takes to make the commitment to serve my community – And very importantly, how will this decision affect my family and friends?

Becoming a New Mexico State Police officer is very different than simply taking a job in the civilian world. NMSP officers are taking an oath to protect our communities and each other. With that oath comes a commitment to a new kind of family, beyond the blood family you already belong to.

Your new family at the New Mexico State Police will protect and guide you. Your fellow officers will help you grow and succeed and become an officer our agency and your own family can be proud of, every single day you make the courageous decision to put on the uniform.

Making this commitment will result in rewards but also challenges. There may be times when you have to work late and miss a family function. There may be times when you spend Thanksgiving or Christmas in a patrol unit instead of around the table with your family. These time commitments can occasionally be testing, especially for new officers and their families. While we can’t promise that our officers will always be able to make every family event, we strive to provide as much work/life balance as possible. While we expect you to join our family, we make sure you continue to make your own family the highest priority.

Finding a balance that works for your family and your new family at the New Mexico State Police is what ensures our officers grow in their roles as public servants and community members. If you are considering this career but are struggling with how to make it work for your family, please reach out to our recruiting team. They can walk you through the process and show you how countless fathers, mothers, spouses, and caregivers also call themselves New Mexico State Police officers.

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Family life in the nmsp

There’s nothing more important that preparing your mind and body for the challenge ahead. Being prepared can sometimes be the difference between you or one of your fellow officers going home.

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