Find Your Challenge In Santa Fe, New Mexico.

When you’re ready to make a difference

Accept The challenge.
Answer The Call.

Standing as the most elite Law Enforcement agency in the State, the New Mexico State Police have earned the reputation of conducting an academy built on the tradition and pride of every Officer who has worn the NMSP Badge – past, present, and future. Our agency consistently stands ready to defend the citizens of New Mexico. Those capabilities come not only from our world-class training but also from Officers who have proven that they have the want within – the desire to break barriers between right and wrong to establish order and safety for New Mexican’s looking to live their lives in peace. 

Now the Question Is, Is it in you?

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Are you ready?

Words of experience

There’s nothing more important that preparing your mind and body for the challenge ahead. Being prepared can sometimes be the difference between you or one of your fellow officers going home.

The Making Of a NMSP Officer

four phases.
14-22 weeks.
a lifetime of change.

Depending on what recruit class you’re placed in will decide if your class is 14 or 22 weeks. The classes that last 14 weeks do not have breaks and all training is executed at a more streamlined pace.

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Are you Ready?

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