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Special Ops Bureau

Elite Training, Elite Team: Join the NMSP Special Ops Bureau

The Special Ops Bureau of the New Mexico State Police is a highly trained and specialized team of law enforcement professionals. From tactical operations to crisis negotiation, our Special Ops officers are equipped with the skills and knowledge necessary to handle any situation that may arise.

Tactical Team: Ready for Anything

Our Tactical Team is responsible for handling high-risk situations that require a specialized response. From hostage situations to active shooter scenarios, our highly trained officers use the latest tactics and equipment to bring a swift and safe resolution to any crisis.

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EOD (Bomb Team): Keeping Communities Safe

Our EOD (Bomb Team) is responsible for investigating and safely disposing of explosive devices across the state of New Mexico. With highly specialized training and equipment, our EOD officers are able to keep our communities safe from the threat of explosive devices.

Crisis Negotiation Team: Bringing Peaceful Resolutions

Our Crisis Negotiation Team is responsible for negotiating peaceful resolutions to high-pressure situations. With highly specialized training in communication and de-escalation techniques, our negotiators are able to bring a peaceful resolution to even the most challenging scenarios.

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UAV (Drone Team): Cutting-Edge Technology

Our UAV (Drone Team) is responsible for utilizing the latest drone technology to assist in law enforcement operations across the state of New Mexico. From search and rescue operations to monitoring large events, our highly trained operators are able to provide valuable support and intelligence to our law enforcement teams.

Dive Team: Exploring the Depths

Our Dive Team is responsible for investigating and searching bodies of water throughout the state of New Mexico. With specialized training and equipment, our divers are able to locate evidence and bring closure to families in cases of drowning or other water-related incidents.

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Motorcycle Team: Quick and Agile

Our Motorcycle Team is responsible for patrolling highways and other areas where traditional patrol vehicles may not be able to go. With highly skilled officers on powerful motorcycles, our Motorcycle Team is able to respond quickly and effectively to a variety of law enforcement situations.

Emergency Response Teams: Ready for Anything

Our Emergency Response Teams are highly trained and equipped to handle a variety of emergency situations, from natural disasters to large-scale events. With a focus on preparation and rapid response, our teams are able to provide critical support to communities across the state.

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Search and Rescue Team: Finding the Lost

Our Search and Rescue Team is responsible for locating missing persons and providing assistance in a variety of wilderness scenarios. With specialized training in wilderness navigation and survival techniques, our team is able to bring peace of mind to families and communities across the state.

Aircraft Unit: Aerial Support

Our Aircraft Unit provides valuable aerial support to law enforcement operations across the state of New Mexico. From surveillance to transportation, our highly trained pilots and crew members are able to provide critical support to law enforcement teams on the ground.


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Our Uniform Bureau is the backbone of the New Mexico State Police, providing the foundation for all of our operations. From our dedicated patrol officers to our elite commercial vehicle enforcement team, our officers are committed to upholding the law and protecting the citizens of our great state.

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