New Mexico State Police

Uniform and ranks

Class A Uniform

The Class A uniform is the most recognized and arguably one of the most respected law enforcement uniforms in existence.

Your Sam Browne Duty Belt

An officers Sam Browne holds all of the necessary tools they need to keep law and order. From their duty firearm to less-lethal applications such as their taser, an officer puts their duty belt on with the purpose of protecting themselves and their fellow officers, while serving the great citizen of New Mexico.

Rank and Patches

Officer’s rank is symbolic of their time, experience, and their own personal merits. Each rank comes with its own unique responsibilities and is respected throughout the chain of command of the New Mexico State Police.

Years In Service

The service patches indicate the amount of time an officer has been on the force. Each silver hash mark indicates one year in service and each gold star represents 5 years of service. They are combined to illustrate the total amount of time an officer has been serving.

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New Mexico State Police Ranks

Upon graduation from the academy, you will possess the rank of patrolman. After five years you will reach the first milestone in your career which is advancing from a “silver” Patrolman to a “gold” Senior Patrolman. Certain elements of your uniform will distinguish you as a Senior Patrolman, such as the band on your cover, the buttons on your shirt, and NMSP insignia on your collar, will change from silver to gold. Become familiar with your chain of command.

Your First 5 Years As Silver

Upon graduating the academy, elements on your uniform, from your headband on your cover to the buttons on your shirt, will be silver. This is the period of time in your career where you will utilize the skills taught to you in the academy and enhance your experience from real world lessons on the street.

Gold After Your First 5 Years

After you have completed five years on the department you will be considered a Senior Patrolman. The buttons on your shirt, band on your cover, and various other elements on your uniform will transition to gold and you will be designated a Senior Patrolman. You have earned the right to ‘go gold’.
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The New Mexico State Police are responsible for investigating crimes throughout the entire state and all jurisdictions within our boarders. From hostage negotiation to our dive team, there’s unique law enforcement opportunities available. Keep exploring to learn more .


The New Mexico State Police offers a rewarding career with many opportunities for promotions. Learn more about what it takes to join our ranks by filling out the quick form.