In a collaborative effort, New Mexico State Police, along with specialize units and the 2nd Judicial Attorney’s Office conducted joint operations, resulting in 12 arrests, including a violent felon.

Albuquerque, NM- As part of our proactive operations, the New Mexico State Police Crime Suppression Unit (CSU), alongside the tactical team, Fugitive Apprehension Unit (FAU) and the 2nd Judicial Attorney’s office executed a successful joint operation resulting in a significant number of arrests.  

On September 26, 2023, New Mexico State Police Crime Suppression agents conducted two separate operations within Albuquerque to identify individuals who had warrants and were of interest to law enforcement agencies. One of those individuals, Jarrett Chacon (25) of Albuquerque who was considered armed and dangerous was successfully taken into custody.

 During the operation, a strategic plan was implemented in order to get Chacon to reveal his location. Chacon was located in the area of Hanosh Street. Upon Contact with Chacon, he fled from agents and in the arrest process a loaded handgun fell out of his waistband as he resisted. Chacon was taken into custody without further incident.

 In addition to Chacon’s arrest, 11 other individuals were taken into custody on various charges including warrants for stolen vehicles and narcotics possession (Methamphetamine and Fentanyl). Furthermore, the operations led to the recovery of 2 stolen vehicles.

  “The success of the dual operations made it clear New Mexico State Police is more than capable of taking violent criminals out of society and placing them behind bars.  We can’t make criminals follow the law, but we can make them wish they had.” said New Mexico State Police Chief Troy Weisler.


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